New Podcast – Preparing to Give a Presentation

Lavalier MicrophoneI just published my most recent podcast yesterday and it is my most favorite solo (non-interview) podcast yet.

In this podcast, I talk about the best ways to prepare to give a talk. In my case, my example was for my upcoming Stir Trek talk, but I also make sure to talk about ways that you can apply this preparation to business presentations, best man toasts, or oral book reports. I made sure to include a lot of practical resources and steps you can take to ensure that you can give a great presentation.

Preparation truly is key and I’ve seen some smart people give terrible presentations because they didn’t prepare properly, so I’m very paranoid about the subject. However, one of my old bosses really drilled the importance of preparation into me, so I take it very seriously and I’m pretty passionate about it. It doesn’t matter if you are leading a meeting, giving a keynote, or writing a blog. People can tell if you’ve put the background time in or not.

I’d definitely appreciate a listen.

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Thanks to all the people who listen, and a special thanks to those who have rated me. I really appreciate it.

The episodes have been archived. Click Here to see the archive page.

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