My Interview with Paul Bergeron

Paul BergeronI recently came across a great tool called TextQL. I thought it was so useful that I reached out to its creator, Paul Bergeron, that day. He was gracious enough to come onto the podcast and we had a great conversation. You can hear that conversation here.

Inspired by Paul’s own demo of TextQL that you can see at its Github repo, I decided to install it and try it out myself. I created my own simple CSV of dumbed down blog data and showed it off a little bit here:

TextQL Demo

(I do realize that join was pointless, I just wanted to show that it could do joins).

Another interesting (for varying definitions of interesting) note about this podcast is that I’ve made a change to the quality. I had been encoding the MP3s at 128kbps (because that’s what Audacity/LAME just did) and I was unhappy with how the vocals were turning out. They were a little “fuzzy”. I upped that to 160kbps and I think that the episode sounds a lot better.

If you have any comments about the episode or if you notice a quality difference, let me know.

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Thanks to all the people who listen, and a special thanks to those who have rated me. I really appreciate it.

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