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Screencasting is Fun

Recording Doctor Swift BSo, ever since I did my first Swift screencast on my YouTube channel, I’ve been hooked on Screencasting. Earlier this month, I let you guys know that my first Dimecast was up and that just broke open the floodgates. To date, I’ve done a total of 7 Dimecasts this month (with number 8 coming in the next few days). I already linked to my first one, but here are the others that I’ve done.

Intro to Swift Programming
Learning Objective-C Part 2a
Learning Objective-C Part 2b
Intro to CocoaPods
Intro to Swift Programming Part 2a
Intro to Swift Programming Part 2b
(Links Removed)

I’ve also made all of the code available on GitHub for everything that I’ve done and I will for every Dimecast that I will do.

I’m having an insane amount of fun making these videos. I really enjoy it. I like thinking of topics that I can cover, inventing projects for them, practicing, recording, and even editing. The biggest difficulty that I’m facing is that I don’t have a quiet place to record. I have to either get up very early or stay up very late to be able to get ~10 minutes of silence. Even then, it doesn’t always work out and I have to wait and then edit out the noises or else there is occasionally some noise in the background.

Even with that hassle (and setting aside my fantasies of a sound-proof “studio”), I’m finding this entire creative process very fulfilling and I hope that people are getting value from it.


My First Dimecast is Up!

I’ve been a fan of Dimecasts (Link Removed) for some time. In fact, four and half years ago I mentioned the site in a post on this very blog. Unfortunately, the site hadn’t been updated with a new video in almost two and a half years.

I kept checking in with it periodically, but never saw updates. One day, my curiosity got the better of me and I started looking around the Internet and I found that Dave Schinkel was planning to take the site over from Derik Whittaker. I reached out to see if I could help and Dave was gracious enough to let me play along.

The site is still going to be undergoing a redesign (to be casted, of course), but for now, Dave has re-encoded all of the old videos to MP4 from WMV, boosted the volume, and added a modern player.

All of that being said, I am proud to announce the first new Dimecast in 2.5 years, Episode 206 – Learning Objective-C – Part 1 (Link Removed).

Author Screen from my Learning Objective-C Part 1 Dimecast
(A Screenshot of the Author Screen)

Sample Action Screen from my Learning Objective-C Part 1 Dimecast
(A Screenshot of me in action 😉 )

The goal is to roll out a lot of new episodes about a lot of different topics soon and get the site back into a vibrant place to help developers learn new skills.

I’m very excited for what’s to come and I hope that you go check out the episode (Link Removed).