Intro to Swift

Swift – Our First iOS Application

Apple's Swift LanguageLast time, we looked at creating functions in Swift. This time, we are going to stop being theoretical and playing in the playground and make an honest to goodness iOS application.

We won’t be getting any billion dollar valuations, but we are going to learn some fundamentals. As I thought about the best way to demonstrate all that there is to see and do when creating an iOS application, it occurred to me that a screencast was the best way to go. I hadn’t ever done one before, but why let that stop me? So, I got Camtasia for Mac, watched some tutorials, and hit record.

It is recorded in 720p HD, so you should change the quality on the video if you want to get the maximum effect. I’d welcome any feedback that you have to give, here or on the YouTube page itself.

Next time – now that we are Swift Veterans (for truth?) – I’m planning on preparing another screencast to make a more complicated iOS application that reads in a RESTful API, displays data, and allows us to interact with it.

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