Podcast Episode 16 – WWDC 2014 Recap

WWDC 2014 LogoIn episode 16 of the podcast, I recapped the 2014 Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). I had the keynote on in the background when it was broadcast (Monday, June 2nd), but I hardly paid attention to it. I was getting regular updates from co-workers and I saw Twitter explode when Swift was announced. I also went and read recaps and listened to other podcast recaps, but they didn’t really hit on the details. They focused on the headlines.

I had it in my mind that day to do a WWDC recap episode, but I needed to make the time to watch the 2 hour keynote for myself and take copious notes. I finally tackled that yesterday and sat down immediately after and shared my thoughts in this latest episode. This is actually my longest “solo” episode at 27 minutes, but I really tried to have it as full of material as possible. If you have been interested in the keynote and didn’t have time to watch it (or just wanted to hear my thoughts), check out this episode!

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