The Hardest Part of Podcasting (so far)

Podcaster..(not actually me ;) )The most difficult thing that I’ve found while doing my podcast is the whole “talking to no one” part. I already know that I talk very quickly, especially when I’m excited. I also now know from editing my podcasts that I tend to be sloppy in my pronunciation of a LOT of words. I’ve definitely been more focused on that.

What is getting me is being able to “fake” the vocal dynamics that happen as you are interacting with another human. Normally, you’d feed off their interactions and subtle non-verbal cues, but instead I feel like I’m an actor reciting an ad-hoc soliloquy and currently I’m just not that talented. I’m balancing that fine line between speaking at a good pace, speaking clearly and enunciating, and speaking with vocal dynamics that don’t sound fake and forced.

I’ve been trying to think of some good ways to “fake” this. One idea is maybe put a mirror in front of me and talk to the “other person” who is there. Another idea is to make my son or my wife sit there near by and I’ll talk to them. I do plan on having some interview subjects on soon, so those kinds of episodes won’t be an issue. I’m just more concerned and focused about my “verbal essay” (rant) style episodes.

Does anyone have any good practical tips that they’ve used when “performing for no one”?

2 comments The Hardest Part of Podcasting (so far)

Vin says:


In the 3rd episode you’ve adjusted vocal dynamics way better and it sounded perfect.

Topic was also very informative and moderately opinionated.

Keep up the great work.

Pete says:

Thanks, Vin. I appreciate the feedback. I just launched episode 4 about an hour ago and I hope that it continues on that momentum!

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