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Windows Phone 7 Launch Event

I’m excited about the new Windows Phone 7 device, especially developing for it. I’ve written two blogs posts about it as of this date (Filed here) and I plan on writing many more.

I also plan on buying a Windows Phone 7 when it launches and getting as many apps as I can in the marketplace.

Microsoft has long shown that it is very focused on developers and always does launch events up big. As such, the launch events that are available here:

Windows Phone 7 Launch Event - Click for Details (Edit: Link removed, since it was taken down)

are sure to be awesome.

I’ve also added a small banner in my sidebar to stay up while the events are going off for two reasons. 1) There is a contest and 2) My hope is that a lot of developers will get excited and get tons of fantastic apps in the marketplace.

Go download the tools and let’s make this platform great!

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