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Got GitI’ve begun tackling my 2011 technology resolutions. It was as if the good folks at EdgeCase read my blog and deigned to help a brotha out. They’ve recently launched Git Immersion, which does for Git what their Koans did for the masses. That is, it offers a simple, step-by-step way for someone to learn a technology.

I already learned something. Doing Lab 3, it says to issue this command

git commit -m 'First Commit'

When I do, I get this error

error: pathspec 'Commit'' did not match any file(s) known to git.

A little of my Google-Fu and I find that my windows command prompt is anti me using the ‘ here. I change the command to

git commit -m "First Commit"

and I get the right result

[master (root-commit) d23d927] First Commit
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 hello.rb

Another thing I learned. When I typed “git commit” with no -m (Lab 8), it brought up VIM. Guess what? I’m such a n00b that I couldn’t figure out how to save my freaking file. Thank goodness for StackOverflow here to tell me to hit Esc then type :wq and then the enter key.

That’s it of my revelations so far. As I’m writing this, I am through the first 10 labs and will do some more after I post this. I’m really looking forward to learning Git because I like the way that it encourages you to work. On to some more learning…

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mgroves says:

I had no problem with single quotes with git, when using Git Bash. Are you using Cygwin perhaps?

Pete says:


No, I was doing it just right from the windows command prompt. It's a known issue if that's the case.

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