Podcast Episode 45 – Erik Dietrich on The Expert Beginner

In today’s episode, I interview Erik Dietrich from Daedtech.com. Erik wrote a blog series about something he called “The Expert Beginner”. When I read that, I felt kind of convicted because I was worried that I was wreaking havoc all of the city with “Expert Beginnerdom”. Listen in to find out what an Expert Beginner is and if you are one or know one!

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3 comments Podcast Episode 45 – Erik Dietrich on The Expert Beginner

[…] Note: I was featured on another podcast this week, this one hosted by Pete Shearer.  Click here to give it a listen.  It mostly centers around the expert beginner concept and what it means in the software world. […]

Alberto Santaballa says:

Great podcast, and very relevant for me. I started in software back in 1977 and have constantly tried to stay current even if not cutting edge. I know several people form my time who did not and, like the retiring gentleman you mentioned, still work in COBOL on mainframes. I loved software and that was never an option for me.


Pete says:

Thanks for the comment Al. I’m glad that you love software and are keeping at it. Of course, if you listen to podcasts and are pursuing knowledge, how can you not be relatively current? Being at it for almost 40 years, you’re definitely an inspiration.

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