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Podcast Episode 41 – Show Update and the Module Dependency Fiasco

DominoesLast time, I was looking for some feedback about how this show should go in the future (and if it should go on at all). You guys responded and I talk about that response and what to expect from me in the future. I also start talking about the left-pad NPM module that “broke the Internet” and a blog post I found about it. Then, I get a little worked up about it and go on a little rant of my own 😉

Links Mentioned in this Show:
Haney – Have We Forgotten How to Program?
Azer – I’ve Just Liberated My Modules
Kik – A Discussion About the Breaking of the Internet

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Thanks to all the people who listen, and a special thanks to those who have rated me. I really appreciate it.

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asantaballa  on March 28th, 2016


Just heard the episode and wanted to make sure to respond. I’m one of the many who votes by downloading and listening, but do a poor job of interacting. But I have I fact gotten a lot out of your podcast and even notice when an episode lags longer than usual.

I know how much effort it takes to do publishing in general so understand your reluctance to proceed unless you get feedback about people actually getting benefit for the hard work. I personally hope you’ll continue. If you do I’ll be happy to continue being an avid listener. And if you don’t I want to thank you for many hours of informative and fun listening.


Pete  on March 28th, 2016


Thanks so much for the feedback! That’s fantastic. I definitely appreciate all of you who “vote by downloading” ;). I did get a good response and I’m definitely going to keep it up. This has all re-invigorated me and I want to make sure this stays a priority for me.

Thanks again!


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