Podcast Episode 37 – On Remote Working

Remote WorkerEarlier this month, I saw a tweet that kind of got me fired up. It was pushing the same tired arguments about why companies that don’t allow remote working are backwards and dumb. Everyone knows the benefits for the developer in a remote working situation and most people know how having a distributed force can help the company. But, can you turn around and see things from the point of view of companies that don’t allow remote workers? In this podcast, I do just that.

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2 comments Podcast Episode 37 – On Remote Working

dustinteractive says:

I agree with a lot of your points. Another thing to consider in regards to of all the recent studies and surveys advocating remote work productivity is the Hawthorn Effect. Individuals improve a certain behavior in response to their awareness of what’s being observed and why. I’ve had friends joke about how hard they’ve worked when their employers would experiment with this privilege.

Brandon says:

Hey Pete, great podcast! Timely as well in that I just started a job that is 100% remote. Great point in that one of the main goals of the remote worker is to make the fact they are working remotely as transparent as possible to the folks at the office. Keep them coming!

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