Podcast Episode 12 – When to Leave Your Job

QuitIt has been 3 weeks since I last published a podcast. I had some interviews fall through and then I let myself get caught up spending every waking minute working on my Stir Trek presentation. And before I knew it, I was just out of the habit of publishing my podcast. I knew I had to put something out so that I didn’t get caught in a serious podfade. I had a few episode ideas set aside in case things fell through, but they weren’t working out.

That leads me to today. I was able to find something that I wanted to talk about, albeit a bit on the short side for the content portion (I make up for it a bit with 3 picks this week). Sometimes the hardest step is just getting back on the horse. This isn’t at all to say that I think that this episode is terrible, I just really wanted to share a bit of what I’ve been going through. The fact that there is a term for it means that it is probably pretty common. Hopefully, maybe at some point in the future this post will stand as a good encouragement to someone to stop procrastinating and just PUBLISH!

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