Starting a Podcast – Phase 0

PodcastI’ve toyed around with the idea to start a podcast for quite some time. I think the time for me to get started has arrived. I’ve created a survey to try to do a little market research that you can find here. If you would please take a minute to take the survey (it is only 6 quick questions), I would really appreciate it.

My goal is to narrow down a format and get 4-5 shows in the can and then publish them at whatever pace gets decided (one of the survey questions!) while making more.

I’m not looking to be “Hansel-famous”, I just want to put myself out there in the community another way and try to continue to grow as a technologist, a communicator, and a person. I’m taking Scott Hanselman’s advice (found here) and going to give this a go.

I would really appreciate if you would take the survey and help me make a podcast that people might want to tune in to. Thanks!

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[…] Last time, I blogged about a survey I was running to collect information to help me craft the podcast that I want to start. The responses seem to have tapered off, so I closed the survey and I’m going to consider this data final. […]

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