My First Guest Post – a Brief Bio of John W Mauchly

A little over two weeks ago, Matt Groves, my first podcast guest, asked for some volunteers to contribute to his excellent brief bio series.

I jumped at the chance to contribute. I find the history of our industry fascinating and while Matt had already covered one of my favorites, I was more than happy to grab the next name in the list and set out to work.

I read a lot of information and I learned a lot in the process. In the end, I had a lot of trouble even coming close to living up to the Brief label. My subject had done a lot to move computing forward. In the end, I was able to cut enough and still maintain a narrative that made sense and kept the importance of Mr. Mauchly. So, if you would, please go over to Matt’s blog and check out my guest post Brief Bio: John W. Mauchly.

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