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Podcast Episode 17 – Going Independent

Going IndependentIn Episode 17, I talk about what it takes to go independent as a software developer. After taking a moment to give all of the provisos that I’m not an expert offering legal or financial advice, I spend this episode talking about what my journey has been like. How did I come up with a name? How did I find work? What about health insurance? What about rates? I cover all of that and more in this episode.

While this episode is certainly not exhaustive, I do try my best to talk about what I had to go through while becoming an independent developer. There are a lot of little things that I had to tackle that were unknown to me before I took the plunge. And the fear of that unknown kept me from moving forward for a long time. I hope that some of what I’ve shared in this episode will encourage anyone who is looking to start out on their own.

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