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Rails Install Issue

So, I am making a serious go of learning Rails. I have installed it on my Vista machine before, but never really given it a go. So, now that I’ve got a Mac, I decided to try to learn Rails on it. I downloaded the Ruby One-Click Installer and installed it. Per its suggestion, I ran

sudo gem install rails

Then, I got this error

Bulk updating Gem source index for: ERROR:  
While executing gem ... (Gem::GemNotFoundException)     
Could not find rails (> 0) in any repository

I did some Googling and found out that I had to just run this code

sudo gem update

and select the correct packages to include. Then, I just reran

sudo gem install rails

and I was money in the bank.

I hope this helps anyone else who encounters the same issue. Now, on to working through some tutorials.

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Dev Gangjee  on March 31st, 2009

Dear Pete

My apologies – this is not a comment on Rails Install but a request from an academic lawyer. I teach IP and trade mark law at the London School of Economics and while looking for a good example of the ridiculous extremes of trade mark law, came across your frypod image from the Memoirs of a Lunatic Blog.

If you’ve taken this photograph, may I have your permission to use it for an academic talk I’m giving in London?

I would be extremely grateful.

Best wishes,


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